Wealth Wizards is one of the top tech companies in the Midlands. And probably one of the  best places to work in tech. You'd be forgiven for mistaking that you were in a slick Silicon Valley or Shoreditch office, when actually we're based in the beautiful leafy Warwickshire town of Leamington Spa.

We've got a great tech stack and we do proper Agile and DevOps.  We're organised in chapters and guilds according to weird and wonderful interests.  Our teams are completely empowered with everything they need to make change happen. 


We really value our culture, which is open, frank and we have a healthy approach to failure; we embrace our failures as awesome learning experiences.


We're a fintech based in Leamington Spa, UK enhancing robo advice with world-class technology; AI, algorithms, APIs... We're here to make financial advice more robust, scaleable and personalised.

Our mission is to help people feel in control of their finances. 

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Check out our YouTube channel for videos on the inner workings of the software engineering teams. From updates on things we're working on, to ​lightning talks on super-clever theories.
Visit out blog on Medium where you'll find geeky rants and enthusiastic raves about code, chatbots, team working and everything else in between.
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We love to share! See our GitHub page where you'll find a repository of some top-notch code from our expert engineers and financial masterminds. 
Our Instagram feed gives you a visual insight into our world. Did you know we like ducks? And cheese?
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Want to bag yourself some Wealth Wizards merchandise? We've got hoodies, mugs, t-shirts! It's just for fun. Check out our shop on Redbubble here.
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We're a group of 12 boffins from various areas around the company; data science, financial intelligence, engineering and product.


We spend our time researching how AI can be used to reinvent all aspects of the advice industry. 

The lock-picking guild is a chance for those who are interested to try and tackle some slightly more tangible problems; i.e. opening locks without the key. 

Each meeting we adopt a new lock to try and open and report back at the following meet. 

New-comers are always welcome, and especially experts to show us how to actually do it. 

Legal disclaimer: We're talking internal locks on our desk pedestals and lockers here for educational/fun purposes only as we get locked out of them more often than you'd think. Nothing without permission and no security breaches. We're not talking about banks here people - safety first! 

We ALL love beer and pudding, so why not bring them together and have a beer and pudding tasting session? Every month we will try out the best, the tastiest and most exquisite beers from all over the world and some of our wizards might add their delicious homemade creations too! 
How can you say no to that?